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Complesso e bello
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - May 21st 2017

Il valore dei giochi di Fibe-Bn sta principalmente nella loro longevità e complessità: la storia ha un percorso lineare ma l'azione si sviluppa a lungo ed in modo ricercato, imponendoci così una cura ed un'attenzione costante nello svolgimento del game. In questo caso oltre a immagini e scene cimematiche di grande valore, traduzioni molto buone e musiche accettabili, ci troviamo davanti a un gioco particolarmente complesso, caratterizzato da molte scene con oggetti nascosti "interattive" e di buona qualità, e da mini-giochi con un alto livello di difficoltà (per alcuni dei tanti presenti nel game ho dovuto ricorrere alla guida strategica). Non mancano la ricerca di oggetti mutevoli e collezionabili (molti davvero ben mimetizzati!), un buon capitolo bonus e tantissimi extra interessanti. Di certo non è un gioco dal rapido "usa e getta", e anche questo giustifica la spesa. Quattro stelle perchè manca la lingua italiana (ma si può trovarla in altri store). A voi la scelta finale, io lo consiglio con convinzione.

[The value of Fibe-Bn's games is mainly in their longevity and complexity: history has a linear path, but the action develops long and sophisticated, thus giving us a constant care and attention in the game. In this case, in addition to impressive cymbal images and scenes, very good translations and acceptable music, we are faced with a particularly complex game featuring many scenes with "interactive" and good quality hidden objects, and mini-games with A high level of difficulty (for some of the players in the game I had to resort to strategic guidance). There is a lot of changeable and memorable objects (many really well camouflaged!), A good bonus chapter and lots of interesting extras. Of course it is not a fast-paced "throw-and-play" game, and this also justifies spending. Four stars because you do not have the Italian language (but you can find it in other stores). To you the ultimate choice, I recommend it with conviction.]

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Cities: Skylines Snowfall Icon
Amplia las posibilidades
by lezotarra, Spain - May 21st 2017

Añade entre otras carreteras nevadas y sus respectivas maquinas quitanieves, sistema de calefacción para que tus ciudadanos no caigan enfermos, los nuevos tranvias... entre otras.

[Add among other snowy roads and their respective snowplows, heating system so that your citizens do not fall sick, new trams ... among others.]

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Nervios para tu cities
by lezotarra, Spain - May 21st 2017

Con este nuevo DLC la tensión llegará al máximo puesto que los desastres naturales pueden llevar al traste tu trabajo.

[With this new DLC the tension will reach the maximum since natural disasters can take to work your work.]

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Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings Icon
Buena expasion
by lezotarra, Spain - May 21st 2017

Esta expansión con nuevos edificios te permite ampliar tu ciudad con nuevos elementos.

[This expansion with new buildings allows you to expand your city with new elements.]

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Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit Icon
Un paso adelante
by lezotarra, Spain - May 21st 2017

Nuevamente esta expansión nos permite mejorar nuestra ciudad con nuevos transportes, posibilidad de nombres a la calles. En si un avance mas.

[Again this expansion allows us to improve our city with new transport, possibility of names to the streets. In itself a further advance.]

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Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space Icon
Interesting game
by Prah, Sweden - May 21st 2017

I found this game to be quite interesting and I don't regret buying it!

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Could be better
by Seba76, Spain - May 19th 2017

Story driven and with deep characters, this game promised much more. Just like the TV show "Lost" ;-P

Without a single animation, the game goes better with mobile platforms. And the game mechanics should tweaked somehow, otherwise it ends up being a repetition of chores.

With a good discount, is worth as a casual game

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