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Now, fans of the smash hit series on HISTORY will have the chance to become a MonsterQuest investigator--in a compelling and mysterious adventure in search of amazing and elusive creatures.

In the spirit of CSI and X-Files, the MonsterQuest team uses modern investigative techniques to pull back the shroud of myth, rumor, hearsay, and superstition to reveal the facts and truth concealed within. The MonsterQuest game will place the player in the heart of these probing investigations.

Using logic, science, and a sharp eye, the player will endeavor to determine of the monsters are real, fantasy, or a hoax. This is a real MonsterQuest, in search of one thing . . .
the truth.
  • Investigate Eyewitness Reports and Legends Live the Adventure and Crack Five Renowned Monster Cases
  • Examine Hundreds of Mysterious Clues in Photo Realistic Environments
  • Go into The Field in Search of Evidence
  • Uncover the Truth in challenging Lab Tests
  • Solve Puzzles, Quests, and Mysteries
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  1. What's wrong?
    by Christa Karantinos, USA - Mar 21st 2010

    I think the game would be fine, but it gets stuck on the winged bat and I can't complete the search and move forward. I don't know what's wrong.

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  2. Boring game
    by cya nogen, Turkey - Dec 1st 2009

    Poor game play, stories are not good and puzzles repeat themselves

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  3. A Causal adventure with a story!
    by Tina Robertson, USA - Apr 1st 2009

    I found the game to be refreshing in that I had no annoying timer ticking away and making me rush. Also Having unlimted hints is a feature I wish more games would do. I guess if your not a fan of History Channel you may not like content that has plot and depth to it; but It was right up my alley. Grabbing evidence in the field and interviewing suspects I thought was pretty fun. The save thing was only a minor thing to me, as i knew where the stuff was on 2nd load and it dose save at the start of each sub-section of the game. I wont put any spoilers in here, but my favorite was the Mothman Case, as it had some unique puzzles that I havent seen before.

    I liked the music, some of the voice was a bit echoy, but its refreshing to see a Hidden object game with as much spoken dialog as this one has. I like to read the story, but there is someting nice to be said about sitting back and listining to the interviews of the characters.

    Anyhow. If you are looking for an arcade game, this isnt it! But if your looking for adventure game with puzzles this hit the mark.

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